Tax Refund Procedure / Eligibility / Method

Tax Refund Procedure

Tax Refund Procedure

Who can get refund?

Eligible Customers

Minimum purchase of 30,000 KRW, and must leave Korea within three months.

  • Foreigner (Stayed in the Republic of Korea less than six months)
  • Overseas Resident (two years or more foreign residence/ less than three months of residency in Korea)
  • Who has no income in Korea
  • Students who resided outside of Korea for over three years.

Refundable items

All value added purchase items in Korea excluding guns, swords, chemicals, drugs, cultural properties.

Ineligible customers

  • US Force in Korea
  • Diplomat in Korea
  • No passport
  • Foreigners overstaying
  • Foreigners working in Korea
  • Agent

Tax Refund Method

Tax Refund Method

  • Get refund by cash at ATM(KIOSK) in the airport (Incheon/Kimpo) before leaving Korea.
  • Get refunds transferred to your credit card account (VISA, MASTER,JCB) after leaving Korea.